What if I don't want a bridal or prom dress? Can you make me an outfit for a different occasion? 

Yes we can. We design for formal special occasions such birthdays, parties, baby showers, red carpet events, etc. These would fall under a “General Consultation”.

General consultations are 30-45 mins. There is a non-refundable consultation fee of $100 that does not go towards your garment cost! During the 30-45min consultation we will go over, style/design, fabric, measurements, travel expenses (if needed), budget and payment schedule(dates). As well as any other questions you may have!

General Custom Outfits start at $500

Do you design mens clothing?

Not at the moment. 

Can I send a picture of what I want and you tell me the price so I don’t have to book a consultation?

 No, you must book a consultation. We do not give quotes without a consultation.

 Do you take out of state/country clients?

 Yes. As the initial consultation is via phone there will also be a follow up video chat to walk you through measuring yourself. 

 Can I rent a dress you already have?


 Do you make dresses for all sizes?


 Do you carry bridesmaids dresses?

We only offer bridesmaids dresses as a part of a bridal package. 

 When should I start gown shopping?

We recommend starting your dress design process at least 6 months in advance to give ample enough time and avoid any last minute conflicts with dates. 

 Do you provide alteration services?

We only provide alterations services to our designs if previously discussed. For example, custom orders may come with 1 alteration but RTW (ready to wear) clothing there are no additional alterations. 

 Do you do shipping?

We ship worldwide. 

 What is your turnaround time?

6-8 weeks depending on design. We will discuss specific turnaround times during the consultation. 

 Where are you located?

We are located in Upstate NY. 

 How are payments made?

Payments are split into two installments. 40% is due to start the design process and the remaining 60% due at final fitting.